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Survival Server: For those who have a protection stone, put your animals on the bottom. Players still can't kill your villagers, horses, pigs or other type of passive mob in case you have it guarded, with your protection stone, (worldguard) region. We can also be implementing Towny mcMMO i'm currently doing a bit of testing with both & tweaking the crooks to the likings & performance abilities.

Skyblock Server: We're currently working on a means to stop others from getting together with horses in your island if they're not on it.

Survival Games Server: Survival Games donator kits have been implemented and ranks have now been correctly implemented, if you've previously donated for the SG server and don't have your rank/accessibility kits please notify me via PM.

PvP/Factions/mcMMO Server: The modern spawn continues to be picked and will be soon implemented sometime inside week. We're going to also oftimes be moving the admin shop so that it corresponds with being under /spawn and region-ing it well. Please expect maintenance sometime this week to the. (Probably later in the evening).

All servers which have a nether/end/resource pit: The Nether/End on Survival, PvP, & Skyblock will likely be reset monthly. It'll be reset about the 6th of each and every month or even a night in the 6th, the Nether & End is going to be reset by morning of the 7th. Same applies to the Resource Pit/Mining World on the Survival server.

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