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★★ DesiredCraft ★★ [1.5] *FREE DIAMONDS* Servers: /Economy Survival/Factions PvP/Hunger Games/Capture the Flag/


DesiredCraft is a All In One server. We offer a Hardcore Economy, PvP Factions, Survival, Capture the Flag, Hunger Games, and a fun Jail system. We have very friendly staff and keep you up to date. We update our server with new plugins, and new games very often to keep the fun going for our players! We guarantee you a 100% Lag Free gameplay.
How to start in DesiredCraft:

In the Economy Survival Server start by Buying or Renting a House or Plot in a Town. From there, earn a Job and earn money to become rich. You can then earn the rank [Citizen], and then earn the rank [Merchant]. Finally start building your own kingdom/Town and the house of your dreams!

We Offer PvP in the Wild, in some street, and In our PvP Arenas! If you want a underground/subway like PvP arena then visit our MetroArena. If you prefer a desert like arena visit out Parena. We have Advanced Grief Protection, and Lots of Towns!

The Staff at DesiredCraft would like to thank you for your support. Just playing on the server benefits us in every way! We hope you all enjoy the atmosphere and design of DesiredCraft.
We hope you all enjoy the new players, new staff, and our new goal!

Wondering what our server looks like? Here are some screenshots:

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- DesiredCraft Staff

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