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Block Protection Changes
In order to limit 'unraidable' bases the following blocks will be destroyed when hit by 3-4 blocks of TNT. This ignores water/lava protection.

  • •  Obsidian
  • •  Fences
  • •  Iron bars
  • •  Glass panes
  • •  Fence gates
  • •  Netherbrick Fences
  • •  Cobblestone fence/wall
  • •  Brewing stand
  • •  Anvil
  • •  Enchantment Table
  • •  Cocoa Beans


The main plugin fueling the Gontroller PvP server is Factions. This plugins allows you to team up with friends (or go solo if you wish) and create a Faction. Once you have created a Faction you can claim land and build yourself an empire - or a modest dirt hut if that is what you prefer! If you own the land, players from other factions cannot build/destroy there without using TNT cannons or creepers.

Faction Ranks
Leader - The owner of the faction. Has access to all commands (can only be one leader)
Officer - Second in command. Has the ability to claim and unclaim land for the faction and also set faction relationships. (can be many officers)
Member - Regular members without the ability to claim/unclaim or set relationships. (can be many members)

/f create (factionname) - If you want to create your own faction use this command, replacing (factionname) with the desired name of your faction.
/f claim radius] - This will claim the current chunk you are standing in for your faction, from bedrock to sky. Enter an optional radius to claim surrounding chunks too.
/f sethome - This command will set the home of the faction to where you are currently standing.
/f home - If you want to return to the faction home, use this command.
/f officer (name) - Promotes the given person to the rank of officer - Will demote them if they are an officer already.
/f disband - Will disband the faction, kicking all players and unclaiming all land.
/f (ally/truce/enemy/neutral) (factionname) - Will set the given relationship to the given faction.

FactionsPlus Commands
/f setwarp (warpname) password] - Creates a new faction warp with an optional password (Costs 25k each to set!)
/f deletewarp (warpname) - Deletes a faction warp.
/f warp (warpname) password] - Warps you to that particular faction warp.
/f listwarps - Lists all of the warps your faction currently has set.
/f announce (message) - Announces a message to all faction members. Will be seen when they login.

Another core plugin on Gontroller PvP is mcMMO. This plugin adds an RPG like experience to the server, and adds features such as trainable skills, parties and special abilities. The strength of your abilities depends on how high your skill level is in each particular skill. The party system allows you to team up with other people and share exp and drops when training.

Gathering Skills
Leveled by: Digging dirt/gravel/sand with a shovel.
Benefits: Higher levels allow you to gain treasures whilst excavating such as gunpowder, ingots and potion ingredients.

Leveled by: Fishing!
Benefits: Higher levels allow you to gain treasures whilst fishing such as enchanted armour and weapons.

Leveled by: Gathering crops.
Benefits: The higher your herbalism level the higher the chance of getting double the amount when geathering crops.

Leveled by: Mining stone/ores with a pickaxe.
Benefits: The higher your mining level the higher the chance of getting double drops. It also increases the length of super breaker.

Leveled by: Chopping down trees with an axe.
Benefits: The higher your woodcutting level the higher the chance of getting double drops. It also increases the length of tree feller.

Combat Skills
Leveled by: Hitting mobs / players with an axe.
Benefits: Increased damage from axes. Increased chance of critical hits. Higher damage to armour.

Leveled by: Hitting mobs / players with a sword.
Benefits: Increased chance of counter attacking.

Leveled by: Shooting mobs / players with a bow and arrow.
Benefits: Increased damage. Increased chance of dazing other player.

Leveled by: Taming wolves.
Benefits: Smarter wolves. Extra health & damage.

** Note ** You cannot gain exp from mobs that spawn from spawners - Only natural ones!

Misc Skills
Leveled by: Taking fall damage.
Benefits: Increased chance to dodge attacks (when sponsor or above). Take less damage from falling.

Repair / Salvage
Leveled by: Repairing items on emerald blocks or salvaging items on gold blocks.
Benefits: Higher chances to keep enchantments and restore more durability.

Please note that we make a lot of changes compared to vanilla mcMMO. View those changes by clicking here.

Party Commands
/party create (name) - Creates a new party with the given name
/party join (name/playername) - Join an existing party
/party quit - Leave your current party
/party invite (playername) - Invite another player to your party
/party accept - Accept a party invite
/party teleport (playername) - Teleport to another player in your party
/party expshare - Allows you to enable exp sharing within your party members
/p - Toggle party only chat on/off

General Commands
/mcstats - Shows you your current exp / stats
/mctop (skill) pagenumber] - Shows the leaderboards for a current skill
/inspect (playername) - Shows the stats of the given player
/(skillname) - Shows detailed information about the given skill

gBay is an auction plugin here on Gontroller PvP that allows players to safely buy and sell their items in auction based sales. When you sell an item you will be subject to an auction fee of $250 + 10% of the final selling price. In order to sell an item, just hold it in your hand and use a sell command from below.

/gbay - The base command for gbay, will show some basic help
/gbay s (quantity) (starting price of item) (bid increment) (time item will be auctioned for) - Starts your auction with the information provided.
/bid mount] axbid] - Without specifying an amount, this will automatically outbid the current bid based on the increment. You can also specify an exact bid and a max bid.
/gbay c - Cancels the current auction. Can only be done during the first half of the auction.
/gbay i - Provides detailed information about the current auction.
/gbay q - Shows how many items are currently in the auction queue and what positon your auction is in.
** Note ** It is always best to specify a bid rather than let it bid for you as this will stop you paying more than you may want to.

Mob Arena
Mob arenas are small arenas that you can join with other players to test your endurance and fight against all types of mobs until the death. They are also a great option if you are looking to level up your mcMMO skills. There are currently three mob arenas: Stone, Fire, and Snow, and each one is uniquely challenging. The stone arena is the only one in which your health regenerates automatically without the use of potions; but while the other two are harder, they will earn you better prizes. Once you've joined an arena, you have the option to choose one of six classes (sets of gear) to use inside. Just right click the wooden sign of whichever one you've chosen, and click an iron block afterwards to ready up! Once everyone is ready, or the timer has run out, you will be placed inside the arena and the slaughter will begin! Each wave of mobs will get harder, and as you beat them, you will occasionally be awarded prizes. After you've died (or beat the arena!), and are in the spectating room, you can view the leaderboards to see what wave everyone's made it to and who got the most kills, etc. Once you've left, your prizes will automatically be added to your inventory and you can enjoy your winnings.

Available Classes

  • •  Archer
  • •  Warrior
  • •  Guardian
  • •  Berserker
  • •  Chemist
  • •  Hunter (Can only be obtained through voting)

/ma j (fire/stone/snow) - Joins the specified mob arena.
/ma s (fire/stone/snow) - Enters the spectator area of the specified mob arena.
/ma l - Leaves the arena

Gontroller Tokens
Gontroller Tokens is an entirely custom plugin for Gontroller PvP. This plugin allows you to gain tokens from killing naturally spawned mobs which can then be spent on enchantments or spells . Tokens can also be won through voting or bought on our store @ buy.gontroller.com

Making Staffs
You can spend your tokens on spells which can be cast by using staffs. Each staff has a maximum of 10 uses before it becomes useless. In order to cast a spell, you must hold the staff and then shift and right click with your mouse.
The crafting recipes for each of the staffs can be found below:

Staff O' Strength (Each cast gives 1 minute of strength 2)

Staff O' Speed (Each cast gives 1 minute of speed 2)

Staff O' Regen (Each cast gives 30 seconds of regen 2)

/gt - Brings up Gontroller Tokens help page
/gt enchant - Help with ge enchantments.
/gt buff - Help with ge buffs.
/gt enchant list - Shows a list of valid enchantments.
/gt enchant price (enchantment name) - Checks an enchantment price.
/gt enchant buy (enchantment name) (level) - Buy a specific enchantment
** Note ** Have the item you wish to enchant in your hand before you type the /gt enchant buy command

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