Important rule changes taking effect 01-04-2013

At the time of April 2013 vote sharing between servers might be against our terms of service. Vote sharing is the practice of one server selling, trading or exchanging votes with another. This distorts the rankings on the webpage and is also unfair for the majority of servers.

The new rules will claim that servers may possibly direct votes (either off their website, in-game or other source) on the listing of a server which they directly own and control. It will likely be from the rules for the server group to send votes on the directory a server that they can will not own.

Servers found to be starting this practice (on both sides) will, with respect to the severity, have votes deducted or be taken from the site. Please contact us when you have any more questions.

What is is a multiplayer server list that ranks servers by user votes.

How do I vote for a server?

To vote for your favourite server look at the server's page and then click the votes button. You can vote for a similar server once each day.

What is Votifier?

Votifier is a server plugin that allows server owners to know when you have voted for them. If a server supports Votifier you will be prompted to enter your Minecraft username (case-sensitive) when voting for a server. Server owners can enable Votifier when adding or editing a server. More information can be found on the official plugin page.

How do I add my server to the list?

To add a server you must first create an account and verify your email address. Once you have done so log in, click the 'add new server' button on the user page and enter the server details. You can only add a server if you are the owner or if you have been given permission by the owner.

There is an error when adding my server.

If your server is offline you won't be able to add it to the list. If you are still having a problem adding your server please contact us

Why is the Players online box not showing on my server page?

In order for to gather the names of players on your server you must set enable-query to true in your file. The query.port must be set to the same port as that of your server.

Why has my server been deleted? reserves the right to delete any server from the list with or without prior notice. A server may be removed for a number of reasons including (but not limited to) suspicious voting activity, inappropriate server details and low server uptime. Servers which have been added for more than 10 days are automatically deleted if the uptime falls below 25%.

Why have votes for my server disappeared?

Votes are reset for all servers on the 1st of every month to provide fair competition for newer servers.

What are sponsored servers?

Sponsored servers are servers that have purchased a premium slot above the main list on the homepage. Sponsored server slots are auctioned off on a monthly basis and the 5 servers are ordered by the value of the bid (highest to lowest). For more information please see the sponsored servers page.

My question has not been answered.

Feel free to contact us.

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