OzoneCraft SkyBlock Minecraft Server 1.7.5

Description :

Ozone Craft SkyBlock Server Commands

/island create
Create your island

/island home
Teleport to your island

/island add {user}
Add someone to your island

/island visit {user}
Request a visit to a friend

/island accept
Accept a visit request

/island deny
Deny a visit request

/island expell
Boot everyone off your island

/island delete
Delete your island

Teleport to spawn

Read the rules

See how many OzoneBucks you have

/pay {user} $$$
Pay player in OzoneBucks

/challenge list
View challenges

/challenges complete ##
Complete a challenge

Type /lwc in-game for more detailed help (chest protections).

creates a private protection.

/cpassword {password}
creates a passworded protection

it creates a public protection

Allows you to remove a protection you own

/cunlock {password}
Allows you to attempt to gain access to a passworded protection

Spleef Commands

Match Commands

/spleef join
/spleef leave
/spleef duel {user} [money XXX]

Event Commands

/{event} join
/{event} info
/{event} leave
/{event} result
/{event} options

Team Commands

/team info
/team decline
/team disband
/team join
/team create {player 1} {player 2}…{player x}

Plugins installed on server: Island World, Arena Spleef, Battle Arena, Essentials, LWC, NoCheatPlus


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