Pure Realms PvP

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Pure Realms PvP - Factions - 1.6.2

At Pure Realms PvP & raiding are the main aspects of the server together with our player driven economy. We are not whitelisted so there is no hassle getting on the server. Come come along today for the thrilling adventure you won't regret!

Here are the fun things we need to offer:

Factions: Factions allow players to get together collectively, make bases, claim land and raid other factions. Factions help build the ultimate PvP experience.

MCMMO: This plugin adds numerous different skills for the game. There are many skills that players can level up and perform abilites. Skills include both combat & non-combat.

Essentials/Vault: There exists a market where players sell what to receive in-game money. You can also communicate with other players to acquireOrpromote or trade items. Industry adds lots of fun and activities you're able to do while playing.

Auctions: Auctions allow players to interact by trading items for in-game money. Place a specific thing up for auction simply by typing an order. Most auctions are 2 minutes so people are listed their bids for that item being auctioned.

There is more fun on the server so what are you awaiting? Come join the battle today & hook up to: MC-PRS.COM

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