ShadowRaze Survival Servers 1.7.6

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The Minecraft Shadowraze Server Review!

Servers Config

Dedicated Server - Intel Xeon E3-1290
2x 128 GB SSD
1gbps port speed
10 TB Bandwith

Over 1000 slots! Multiple servers! Multiple machines!
(Tekkit coming soon)

Hello and thanks for visiting ShadowRaze!

We have been looking to make a friendly and fun server for all to relish. We have big plans for this and we would love you all to become some of it. Our server can be a regular survival server, as a result mobs are enabled to fight and deal with, and all players will forage and collect their very own materials. You're free to setup towns together with your friends if you would like, or settle on the landscape yourself! As for the way our server enhances your survival experience, we utilize WorldGuard to protect homes and projects.

We also have LWC protection for to keep your chests, doors, and furnaces safe! As per most servers, our rules are as follows: Do not tolerate griefing and therefore, any type of hacks or modifications as well. No flying, no X-Ray using any sort, no cheating generally. Don't destroy other player's homes, don't deface the landscape purposely, and do not steal from others. These rules are to be followed all the time and players will probably be warned of infractions. Failure to follow along with rules may result in a placement in 'jail' for any specific amount of time, a kick from your server, and the worst offenses... a local or global ban. Lastly, don't ask to become an admin as well as to be considered a mod. And don't keep these things spawn items for you.

The definitive goal of the server is to build towns/cities in the world and to basically have fun and make new friends! So we invite you in all to participate

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